Alzueta Gallery’s Artist Residency: a new project by the Miquel Alzueta Gallery in La Bisbal d’Empordà

The Miquel Alzueta Gallery in La Bisbal d’Empordà started up a new artistic residency project this summer. The residency is housed in the Brava Performing Arts centre, inside the refurbished warehouse of the old Puigdemont company, on carrer Puig d’en Vidal (s/n). The Alzueta Gallery’s Artist Residency project aims to provide an opportunity for different artists to work for a season in a large open space in this industrial building in La Bisbal. In addition to enjoying La Bisbal and the Empordanet, the artists can network with collectors, and also receive visits to the studio and complete the project’s programme.

The programme was created with the idea that six artists would have access to the programme every year: three by invitation and three through winning a contest. The Alzueta Gallery’s Artist Residency programme is ideal for artists that need a change of scenery and new sources of inspiration. The process to receive projects to select the artists for the upcoming year starts in October. 

The Alzueta Gallery's Artist Residency programme was founded in order to make this project available to artists from across the globe, exchanging experiences and proposals with artists from the Miquel Alzueta Gallery, helping to produce and, at the same time, create modern art. In short, the Alzueta Gallery’s Artist Residency programme aims to promote the Miquel Alzueta Gallery on the international contemporary art scene.

While the second artist selected for the programme will be revealed shortly, the Alzueta Gallery’s Artist Residency Programme started in July with the artist Richard Zinon (Manchester, 1985).

The British artist is known for emphasizing the physical act of painting itself. His works are usually completed in a single session, and he rarely creates his works based off of preliminary sketches. Stripped of rich symbolism and complicated references, his works aim to transmit to the audience the energy and joy with which they were created in the most direct manner possible. Using a limited colour palette and almost always with black as the main colour, the artist seeks the most genuine form of expressing the marriage between human qualities and material properties.

Miquel Alzueta Gallery at the Palau de Casavells
Palau de Casavells is a historic building that dates back to the 14th century. Fully restored, the space is the headquarters of the Miquel Alzueta Gallery in the Empordà. Its nearly three thousand square metres are the ideal stage for a dialogue between different examples of today’s contemporary art. The Miquel Alzueta Gallery-Palau de Casavells specializes in contemporary art, antiques, and interior design. The gallery embodies a dialogue between 18th century furniture, the 1950s, photography, architecture, 21st century design, and contemporary art.