Decobruc opens a new creative line: the artistic sculptures of Santi Matas

Decobruc has launched a new creative line: the original unique artistic sculptures by Santi Matas. Guided by his passion for art, Matas uses organic materials derived from nature as wood fragments worn by the passage of time, stones or iron. Using his creative hands the materials take on a new meaning. They can already be discovered in the Bisbalean shop located at number 16 of the street of l'Aigüeta. 

Santi and Aloha founded Decobruc in 2013. The boutique started small, changing locations in 2016, acquiring a new store next door: at 16 carrer de l’Aigüeta in La Bisbal. Embedded in a 19th century building, Decobruc hosts more than 150 m² of exhibition space for artisanal furniture, decorative organic and sustainable objects and environmentally friendly accessories. With the workshop located in Cruïlles, Decobruc wanted to bring nature closer to home in a decorative and functional manner: they work with old wood, different types of new wood, driftwood, stone, iron, and other reused materials. The production process is essentially artisanal, thus promoting quality and exclusivity that is hard to find in mechanized processes and serial production. A great deal of the furniture is made to order, personalized and tailor-made. At the same Decobruc offers functional and creative decoration services to architects, decorators, companies, and individuals.