Espai Tònic: the artistic research centre in close contact with the public in Vulpellac

Located at 23-25 carrer de Ponent in Vulpellac, a stone’s throw away from La Bisbal, we can find the artistic research centre Espai Tònic. The space was designed as a centre for experimentation and research in order to raise awareness of art as a tool to understand and enrich culture. The centre offers exhibitions, contemporary art events, documentaries, sculptures, photography, paintings, poetry, and music, among others. Espai Tònic also produces its own work, while also exhibiting works by artists with similar styles. The space puts artists in direct contact with the public, offering art, design, and creative and cultural services.

Espai Tònic channels different lines of artistic research aimed at understanding, analysing, and promoting the culture that makes us who we are. The platform promotes, communicates, and launches cohesive creative projects. The objective of the proposal is, above all, to be a site for experimentation and creation, a point of communication between artists and the public. Espai Tònic aims to provide tools for reflection and analysis on our culture, as well as aesthetic contemplation.

The artistic centre is driven by the artist and sculptor Guillermo Basagoiti and by Olga Solà and Oriol Terrats of Tònic | Disseny i Publicitat, both of which are located in the same factory. The space is open for visits from Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Prior reservation required at 639 329 728 or by email at You can find more information and the schedule on the website