The locals from Bisbal who repaired the iconic clock in the María Pita Square in La Coruña

The historic clock in María Pita square is a symbol of La Coruña and Galicia in general. The bell crowns the city’s Municipal Palace, the building that is home to the city council. However, one day at the beginning of 2020 the iconic clock stopped working. Aware of how important this emblematic clock was as the symbol of the city, the City Council knew that the clock needed to be restored to its previous grandeur as carefully as possible.

Twenty years after the last time its machinery was refurbished, the City Council searched high and low to find a company that could fix the clock: many companies had tried unsuccessfully. The objective was to restore the clock so that it could start ringing again last spring. The experts who managed to repair the traditional Galician clock were none other than two clockmakers from La Bisbal: Jaume Domènech and his son, Jan Domènech, of Antic Daró in La Bisbal; together with two Galician companies: Relojería Nemesio and Postventa Relojeros.

The two clockmakers fully restored the bell, fine-tuning a machine that had been working since the start of the century. Until then, only maintenance work had been done and the operation required a highly complex, complete restoration precisely due to the age of the traditional parts, as some were worn and had to be replaced. We can see certain images provided by the company from La Bisbal.

Located at 58 carrer Sis d’Octubre in La Bisbal, Antic Daró is run by two master clockmakers, a father and son duo, Jaume and Jan Domènech. They buy, sell, repair and restore all kinds of clocks.

All the clocks come with a warranty and include home transport and installation. In their store you can find immense clocks made of iron forged in the 18th century, as well as high-quality clocks from the most prestigious Swiss brands. Over the years, the father and son have attended more than 30 art and antique fairs, both domestically and abroad: a guarantee of the quality and consistency of a job well done. Individuals, decorators and major collectors are swept away by the magic world of antique clocks, whether for their different decorative styles, the exclusive nature of the parts or the incredible mechanical complexities.